JF Branch background

John Felipe Branch
Industrial Engineer | Business Development | Product Development | Innovation | Lean | Agile | Design Thinking | Blockchain | Entrepreneur | Avid reader

Career Transition - Career Break

July 2024

Researching artificial intelligence and data science, building a test application. While actively seeking employment, transitioning from entrepreneurship to a structured organisation.

Professional Path

GdOSolar. Platform developer and Energy broker. 2 years

BaselDAO - Kunst21. Founder and Team leader. 2 years

HTW Dresden University of Applied Sciences


2021 Grant by the Stellar Development Foundation from San Francisco via the Stellar Community Fund.

2020 Grant by FutureSAX the innovation agency from Saxony, a German federal State.


Industrial engineering, production systems. Universidad de Málaga · 2015 - 2020

Exchange year. Production systems. HTW Dresden · 2018 - 2019

German language course. LMU München · Summer 2017


8 months in Portsmouth, England, and 2 months in the USA.

Public education Spain


German, proficient user. Spanish, mother tongue. French, independt user. English, proficient user. Italian, basic user.


Interpersonal: Building and maintaining relationships, Persuasion and influence, Effective communication and Networking.

Leadership and Management: Adaptive management, Goal setting and tracking (OKRs), Culture development, Team coordination, Collaborative leadership, Employee engagement, Team building, Development of employees, and International teams.

Cognitive Skills: Decision-making, Understanding and overcoming cognitive biases, Strategic thinking, and Problem-solving.

Business and Entrepreneurship: Business strategy and development, Innovation and risk management, Product development, Product management, Lean startup methodologies, Design-thinking, and Fundraising.

Finance and Economics: Market analysis, Economic theory and history, Quantitative analysis, Understanding financial markets and behaviors, and Brokerage.

Marketing: Marketing strategy development, Consumer behavior analysis, Branding and positioning, Digital marketing techniques, Market segmentation and targeting, Business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy, Business-to-customer (B2C) marketing strategy, Social media marketing and Community building.

Software Development: JavaScript programming, Web development, Web analytics, Web design, Web applications, Agile methodologies, Scrum, User interface design, Trello and Jira.

Technology and Innovation: Blockchain, Network design, Sensors, LoRaWAN, Identity and access management (IAM), Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)

Renewable Energy: RE markets, RE certificates, Renewable energy systems, Solar energy and Solar PV.