University graduation, solo entrepreneur, shareholder of my own company within one year.

John Felipe Branch, entrepreneurship

University graduation, solo entrepreneur, shareholder of my own company within one year. That’s what my 2021 looks like.

So many achievements in such a short time.

What entrepreneurship is at a young age (25 in my case): End of 2020, I was broke after 6 months focus on my project full time, luckily with some help from my family I got along. Beginning of 2021 thanks to a government grant for innovative projects I could keep pursuing my business goal.

If you are a hard worker, you find people along the way who want to help you . You are struggling, some people see it and help you. However, mostly you are misunderstood, because people see a person who you are, better said who you were, not the fast changing person who you actually are, changing towards a goal. People do not understand, you have vision, you see your coming success in next months, you feel it, you prioritize your time for that purpose.

And then, totally unexpected, or maybe earlier than expected, comes that awaited moment.

Welcome, welcome to the business world, welcome to the rich part of the world.

You have more money than ever before, you risk thousands of euros in a decision, in a transaction. But one thing is how much you risk or how much you invest, and another story is how much you can spend for yourself.

Inconveniences appear: Once you kind of achieve something special, then you start to realize some who you expected would be happy for your success at the end they react somehow unexpected. One thing is people expecting you to succeed, other is having far more success that they have had, far younger than them. You ought to know you are part of the one percent of the population who made their money. There are more people who have the same amount or more, maybe 20% of the population but mainly they inherited or saved it after a long life working. At a young age that 1% is even fewer of your surroundings.

What is the compensation for your dedication?

Now I work with two of my favorite people and with whom I was willing to work together even for years. I got the money that brings safety to join a new success-aspiring project.

There is a say "money changes people", however some change to get it. And for the better, you ought to think fast or you won’t get it.

JF Branch

Managing director at Kunst21 GmbH :)