New money vs Old money. 4 meanings

John Felipe Branch, economicsblockchainentrepreneuship

Both terms are used in English to describe where your money comes from, with a profound meaning.

New money is called to people who recently got money, they usually tend to overspend look more lavish than those who had money already from past generations, wealthy families who from decades or centuries inherited the money. Much of the wealth has been inherited, a higher percentage here in Europe than in USA. In the wealthiest world, old money tends to look disrespectfully to new money, as some but not all new money tend to lack their same manners.

Risk assessment, difference between new and old money

Usually the wealth is behold by the oldest generations, they have had more time to save after their working life or they have achieved high paid positions at the company they work for or State, therefore having control over institutional size budgets.

If you are a young professional trying to innovate and create a business, to make money while generating value for customers and stakeholders, you may need capital to start from. Here it comes the pain point: You must convince old money about your proposal, your project and being not comprehend because is out of their knowledge range.

While your product is wonderful the money world, again most of it old, doesn’t see it. Most of old money owns low performance assets, owns most of the real estate making it unaffordable for young generations, to add up in the past decade developed countries' old money is selves destructing the value of its currency, old money, in favor of the property they own.

Fortunately, new money comes to the rescue!

This time in also in sense of a currency. Cryptomoney, ready to invest in high innovative business models, with its corresponding high risk, common in technology, even more in Software.

Software, main source of wealth for developed countries

Many countries acknowledge this reality for the future. However they are not doing enough or they are taking the wrong approach investing on it. A Software product is not industry you cannot calculate the future inflows, as estimation of units sold, neither you can estimate the future profits based on a linear growth expectation and a classic low percentage margin (as it is in industry).

New money is here and helping the starting to many young generations. New money, the tokens economy is here to stay because they are investing in young talent, they are investing in innovation. Future belongs to those who invest in technology development, software brings exponential returns to the equation, profits to the company and thereafter to the wealth of a country.

The main difference between new money and old money is not about age, it is about willingness to risk.

My company got an investment from New money world and will keep, hold, must of funds there, in new money.

It is time for new money, for tokens economy!