Macroeconomic impact of renewable energy. A paradigm shift in energy sourcing and economic competitiveness.

John Felipe Branch, renewable energiestechnologyblockchain

Europe has undergone a significant transformation in its energy procurement strategy in recent years, reshaping the landscape of economic stability and competitiveness. Europe was running a substantial portion of their energy procurement based on oil and gas from third countries, however the ever-growing international instability has prompted a strategic shift towards more national and sustainable energy solutions. A move catalyzed by the developments in renewable energy technologies, increasing output and number of installations. The benefits are: more stable energy supply for other industries; the development of technology suppliers for wind turbines, solar panels and structures; and a future export of energy generation expertise as the rest of the world follows.

By geography:

Long-term opportunity in know-how export

The trend towards energy self-sufficiency not only reduces vulnerability to external shocks but also positions itself as a global leader in environmental stewardship. It also presents an opportunity for knowledge export. As these countries develop advanced technologies and methodologies for renewable energy, there is a growing potential for exporting this know-how to other continents.

Spain case

The weight of renewable energy in Spain's economy and therefore in the number of jobs it generates and occupies is rising, but even taking into account this progress there is still much room for improvement. A contribution to GDP of €14,970, a 1.65%.


At the energy level Spain is still a net importer but this will change as the electrification of the economy and the production of renewables increases, both trends fading the carbon fuels.


Import (Red),Export (Turquoise), Saldo (Yellow) of energy trade.

Spain and overall energy producers should capitalise more on the environmental benefits of their production and sell their renewable energy certificates at the right price.

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