Long crypto

John Felipe Branch, blockchain

Now that it does not look cool, now that the market is -75%, at a time when people are leaving the industry, still I am much confident and proud to say: I am invested in crypto and I work in crypto.

The development promise has arrived: financial services for everyone even for those who were not profitable for traditional financial institutions (like insurances), cross-border payments/remittances at 0 costs, revolution in the art dealing with new methods of selling for the artists and trading for the buyer, negotiation of data sets to train artificial intelligence etc. There are exciting projects delivering the promises they did during previous years.

Why do I have a high trust in it?

Do not get confused about the many new names given to what we do, blockchain and many of the top projects it is: open source software financed by its participants. Open source software does not disappear, open source software has businesses and talented persons building on top of them.

It is a great moment for everyone to start buying crypto, if when others sell, you buy, then you win in the long run.

My team and I are still building, and crypto will come back stronger, with further developed products. We are thinking how to improve and what new value to bring.

A selection of the top projects now going on in blockchain and which I have high trust: Data markets https://oceanprotocol.com/ IoT network, tracking of objects + coming mobile network https://www.helium.com/ Financial services for everyone Stellar https://stellar.org/learn/stellar-for-fintech

And of course as you know I also have my own crypto product, https://www.baseldao.app/ The first from many more to come!