Introduction to Community Solar (Net3 Blog)

John Felipe Branch, renewable energies

We are creating a framework for the development of community solar projects to facilitate energy self-consumption. Through this approach multiple participants own an array of solar panels and benefit through receiving energy and even generating proceeds.

The process

The existing energy crisis is putting consumers in a complicated position with fewer energy availability and high prices. Homeowners have the possibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of their houses, allowing them to produce energy, thus lowering their power expenses. Through this, they are in a rather privileged position. People renting apartments are in a more disadvantaged situation for not being allowed to have solar installations in place in their complexes. Though their willingness to tackle the increasing prices and environment concerns might be ever existing.

Thus Net3.Energy will be connecting people with funds with people who are unable or unwilling to carry the financial burden of acquiring fully solar panels themselves. In order to do so, a system is set up where future cooperative members are to be connected. An average installation on the roof of a house has the potential to provide energy for two to three households.

Benefits for participants

Since the installation costs are divided amongst all cooperative members, the benefits will be divided as well. The cooperative members, or energy producers, will be able to use the energy generated through the solar panel. Another lucrative advantage is the creation of Guarantees of Origin (GOs), which are guarantees that a certain quantity of energy was produced from renewable sources. The GOs can be sold through the Net3.Energy platform and thus more earnings created which will be distributed within the cooperative. Our Guarantees of Origin are only sourced from solar panels, benefiting from a better acceptance by the public and therefore higher pricing. Click here to find more information about GOs

What to expect from our all-around software

The following units are in development for our application, to make your experience comfortable and easy to monitor from the first day:

Funding + Ownership %Raising funds for installations between several individuals. Ownership division complying with securities law (Switzerland law)
General administrationAllocation of production to participants, and billing of credits (kWh). Operation and maintenance of the installation
Monitoring AppA graphic interface for real time monitoring of production and consumption. Web and mobile phone app
Dividends CHF EURPayment of dividends generated from production surpluses sales to the general grid
Transfer ownershipOption to transfer if you move. Trading platform for certificates and reallocation of capacity

Community solar has been widely researched and showed savings for participants from 15% to 25% in the USA, research performed during 2 years by the department of Energy.

How to start

As soon as the platform has launched make sure to sign up on our website to become part of a cooperative either as solar panel owner or investor and begin to lower your spendings for energy. We will communicate via Twitter and LinkedIn when our product will be available.

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