Decentralized energy research. Switzerland

John Felipe Branch, renewable energies

Switzerland has started an initiative towards building a more unified electricity market taking into account the production of the solar panels as the main factor.


The initiative is called SWEET-EDGE, EDGE is a research project that stands for “Enabling Decentralized renewable GEneration in the Swiss cities, midlands and the Alps” promoted by the programme SWEET “Swiss Energy research for the Energy Transition”.

Role of solar energy

Photovoltaic is where most hopes are, followed by biomass and wind. Solar panels can be installed in all kinds of buildings, houses and industries, parking lots, walls etc. New technology improvements make them more affordable as the years pass by. Installable anywhere means load reduction in transport or harmonization around the country, with energy being produced closer to where it is consumed. Reducing the distance that there was in the past between producers spots and consumption. All this while offering independence from geopolitical scenarios of third countries.

First analysis released

Here we link to their first paper where the assessment of photovoltaic role is performed. With analysis of the fragmentation of policies towards photovoltaic, geographically, between cantons and municipalities, and its effects in profitability of rooftop solar installations.