Art is again a social symbol!

John Felipe Branch, artblockchain

The social recognition from art ownership is coming back, thanks to NFTs as Non fungible tokens or artworks on the blockchain are known.

Diving into history back to the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe

In past centuries, royalty around Europe measured their power and wealth by showing their collected artworks. Kings around Europe were trying to buy the last paintings created by the top artists of the continent, most of them coming from the art schools in Italy during the 16th century, mostly from this century we find religious paintings as the church was the main buyer of art around Europe also provided a patron financing style to the best painters.

Afterwards the Netherlands took the lead during the 17th century, which was known as the Golden Age for Dutch painting. There was a shifting from major purchases made by the church to be made by the royalty, competing for social recognition.

A curious fact of that period, if there was interest from a king in a specific art school or an specific artist he could not even travel to the country to avoid the prices to increase before the acquisitions or someone frontrunning him.

NFTs Profile Pictures on Twitter

The social network where most young crypto entrepreneurs gather and comment on the market advances is Twitter, which recently decided to go a step further in the support of the constantly growing crypto community.

Twitter integrated NFTs as a profile picture option to your personal profile, the NFT revolution continues. After setting up a temporary connection to your crypto wallet you will be able to set up an NFT as your profile picture in the form of a hexagon. This means you are able to associate your Twitter account with your connected crypto wallet. This includes your current and historical crypto wallet transactions and holdings, this a way to legitimate your NFTs ownership. Unfortunately so far the feature is only available for Twitter blue subscribers and iOS devices. Also is limited for the following countries: US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Recognition to the artists

NFTs profile pictures in Twitter bring much recognition for the artists' pieces. The more visibility of artworks, the higher the value of the ones coming to the market. A big part of the price at which an artist is able to sell comes from the general view of the public, while only a smaller part of the price is reserved to the complexity of techniques or quality of the materials used. NFT profile pictures are a way to show constant support to an artist to hundreds or thousands of followers.

Last week the ETH annual conference took place in Denver, USA, where NFTs took a major part of the talk during networking.

A final comment from the team: NFTs digital artworks will play an important role in our future, alongside physical paintings!