Spain is positioned to become a main energy hub for Europe. (GdOsolar Blog)

John Felipe Branch, renewable energies

Spain is positioned to become a main energy hub for Europe.

Electricity prices in Spain have been the lowest compared to other European countries from the beginning of this year 2023, coming from the opposite situation a year before.

What has changed? Will this stay in the long term?

The fast turn around comes from much renewable generation capacity being installed, +44% of photovoltaic year-over-year, and long term speaking thanks to following factors:

Location, ideal for energy transmission between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Spain is the closest country in Europe to North Africa, and its proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar makes it a natural gateway for energy trade between the continents.The Iberian Peninsula provides it with access to both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, allowing for easy transportation of energy resources by sea.

Renewable energy potential, the country is already a global leader in wind energy and is rapidly expanding its solar and offshore wind power capacity. Spain's favourable climate conditions, including high levels of solar radiation and strong coastal winds, provide ideal conditions for the development of renewable energy technologies. All this, coupled with Spain's ambitious climate targets. For the first time, with more electricity generated from renewable sources than conventional sources.

Infrastructure, including an extensive gas pipeline network and multiple liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, which can facilitate the import and distribution of natural gas from global suppliers. Additionally, Spain has invested heavily in interconnections with its European neighbours, including France and Portugal, to ensure secure and efficient energy trade across the continent.

Spain's location, renewable energy potential, and infrastructure make it a strong contender to become a major energy hub for Europe in the coming years.

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