Economic vs. technological utility of crypto and blockchain

John Felipe Branch, economicsentrepreneurship

I have read and checked about crypto and I am wondering, does it have economic utility?

We could argue about it. Forget about Bitcoin, like Gold the value is being held on others perspective and desire. The other cryptos are like copper, zinc, silver etc. It could be used for many technological applications.

The real question for me is: does it have technological utility ?

Does it have technological utility ?

Does it work ? Does it have constant support and the development continues? It does, so then it's worth it. Some blockchain I closely know have foundations which are much concerned about its improvement, usability and generating a network of services on it.

I give you an example on how it could be used not just to solve past infrastructure weaknesses in bank and finance companies but to help new upcoming technologies and services.

How could AI take advantage of blockchain:

AI is cool, it’s fresh, behind it there is still computer hardware. Which has a cost itself and a cost for running, i.e. make use of it. Nowadays, many products are running on credit basis. Pay per use. Pay per question. Per image generated. Or pay per length of the text, characters, that's how a major AI is charging on a Business to Business basis.

Micro payments, low value transactions, are not feasible for traditional banks and plastic cards. Here blockchainn could help. Same also for Business to consumers, to charge directly or handle payments once their balance has been recharged with traditional payment methods.