Should I leave everything and go 100% into entrepreneurship?

John Felipe Branch, entrepreneurship

I have many friends employed at a company and asking themselves this question. I guess also my friends are a bit influenced by how much I encourage being an entrepreneur. However it is a challenging path, even more than we could expect beforehand, and it doesn't get easier, it is a constant challenge.

After two years of entrepreneurship, living out of it, having had employees, created a limited liability company (and closed it), plus doing a major pivot in the product I can give some recommendations. See the simple table below to find out.

Should I leave everything and go 100% into entrepreneurship?

Success rate expected: Yes = 100% = 1 Probably, maybe, not= 50% = 0.5

Do you have money for 12 months?Have you managed people?Do you have a good idea? Is it feasible?Result, expected success rateSuggestion
1111Yes, go for it
110.50.5Do it
10.510.5Do it
0.5110.5Do it

By the way, I started at 0.25. However I strongly recommend waiting some time until you are at 0.5. It is either a year or two but you will get to that 0.5, and your start will be much smoother.